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ComeSeeTv International


To use technology as a means of community development!

Live Streaming

The ComeSeeTv CDN platform is used by many islands of the Caribbean and countries worldwide to promote their culture and events. They all rely on the courteous staff who always oversee each event to ensure success all to ensure our mission of community development is achieved!


With the number of events lined up to be streamed on the ComeSeeTv Network and with a reach of over 34 Million direct viewers and climbing, promoting your event, business or product only makes sense with us! After all, our slogan is : ComeSeeTv…Can you See me Now!

Video Recording

We can also record your events. Just give us a call and we can design a production package to suit your needs and budget.

Video Conferencing

Are you planning an event but not all the participants can make it? Do you wish to find a haven for your educational lectures or lifecasts or podcasts? We answer these questions with a resounding, ‘Yes! we do that too!’


The ComeSeeTv International Mission
"We are the Caribbean's only Global CDN + Community Development Network!"

Foster sociocultural and economic community development,
Create viable avenues for the youth,
and to Empower women!

"ComeSeeTv ... Can you See me Now!"

  • Caribbean Coverage
  • USA Coverage
  • Canada Coverage
  • Rest of World Coverage

Our Team

The members of the ComeSeeTv International Administrative Team
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Mr Lindsay George

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Joyette Pascal

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Davina Boston George

Owner – AdvertizeUs International
AdvertizeUs International is the Marketing Arm of the ComeSeeTv Broadcast Network.
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Hermisha Role

Advertising Manager / Owner – InsideDominica
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Harvey Brumant

ComeSeeTv Saint Martin Agent
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Cherie Pounder

ComeSeeTv Barbados Agent / Owner – CPEnviron Inc
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Minchington Israel

ComeSeeTv BVI Agent
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Red Barton

ComeSeeTv New York Agent/ Owner – CarnivalLiveTv
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Patricia Henry

ComeSeeTv Atlanta Agent
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Renee Edwards-Ambrose

ComeSeeTv Antigua Agent / Owner – Lady Horsepower Farm
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Rebecca Webster

ComeSeeTv Anguilla Agent
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Caron Greaves

ComeSeeTv Trinidad – Team Leader
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Stacy Castle

ComeSeeTv Trinidad – Marketing
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Salema Williams

ComeSeeTv Trinidad – Finance
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Melissa Jimenez

ComeSeeTv Trinidad – Administration
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Leah Yarde

ComeSeeTv Saint Lucia Agent / Owner – Kurvatour Modeling Agency
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Nadelle Lewis

ComeSeeTv Canada Agent
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Tammy Pinkston

ComeSeeTv Virginia Agent / Owner – VA.MODELS, Royal Radio Station, Words Of Wisdom Magazine, True Art Image Photography & Published Photographer & Owner of Pink Zone Marketing
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Elisabeth Katona-Lupo

ComeSeeTv Germany Agent / Owner – Style & Curve and Curvy Style Rocks
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Jean Michel Bellejambe

ComeSeeTv Guadeloupe Agent
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Johanna Bonilla

ComeSeeTv Colombia Agent
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Hinkelmann Choice

ComeSeeTv Nigeria Agent / Owner – June July Marine Ventures / Owner – ThickAfricanFab / Owner – Miss Curvy Nigeria